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A Journey Home: For Me and My City

The phone rings. Hesitant to answer, due to the unrecognizable number, I pick the phone up anyway following a prompting from that gnawing voice from within. It was my friend, well actually good friend, whose voice carried on a wave of frustration, fear, and fatigue. He informed me that he was coming home. He was … Read more


Electronic Music Fest,

Reports from all over the world are coming in about the sucess of The Electronic Music Festival that happened this Memorial holiday Weekend in Downtown Detroit. It’s estimated that nearly 100,000 electronic music fans packed Hart Plaza on the RiverFront for the Movement Festivities. Stages were set high with a beautiful view of downtown, the Detroit … Read more


Preserving the Detroit Sound, There’s More to Motown

Today I came across an inspiring article Written by Carlton S. Gholz, of, about a great organization that wants to preserve Detroit’s musical history. I wanted to repost my own version of the article but thought it would be a slap to the face of the writer. So, below I have placed a link … Read more


Dine in The “D”, It’s Restaurant Week!!!

There are really only two annual events in Detroit that I really look forward to. One; the Fireworks show over the Detroit river and two, Detroit’s Restaurant week. Detroit finest restaurants not only offer the most exquisite entrees at a fair discounted price, but the city becomes overwhelmed with the foot traffic of diversity that … Read more

Fire Sale: Detroit’s Land, Culture, History, and Values

A little over a month ago, Detroit’s Mayor, Dave Bing announced that he would allow for the sale of abandoned city lots for as little as $200 a pop. This past week, Michigan’s Governor, Rick Snyder, Signed a bill that would allow the selling and redevolpment of the historic Michigan State Fairgrounds. To many Detroiter’s … Read more

Toni Stone…I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!

February honors Black history month and March women’s month but what month honors a black women. There isn’t one technically but if there was one, Toni Stone would definitely be one of the honorees for all she’s done in the world of sports. A feat that would be difficult for any woman of any race … Read more

chevron print

The Empress’ New Clothes – The Spring Looks

Spring is definitely in the air.  With unusually warm weather across the country, we’re all getting a head start in wearing lighter colors, fabrics and higher hemlines before the calendar gives us the green light. This season’s inspiration jumps right out of the pages of fairy tales told to children. This year, The Emperor takes … Read more

detroit spring skyline

Detroit in the News

As Spring approaches, its natural that new things begin to appear.  What’s the “new-new” in Detroit?  Well, the creative engines of the city are revving up and being recognized across the nation left and right.  From art, new music features, transportation, and the jolt of talent the Lions are getting for the new season. Detroit … Read more

Fly Fresh Fruit

Bringing a breath of freshness to the City of Detroit, Jenile Brooks offers Detroiters an outlet to fresh produce delivered directly to your front door.  A long heard  lament among Detroiters over the years is not only are there not enough grocery stores in the city limits, but even fewer that offer healthy food options.  … Read more


NBA All-Star Weekend: Shooting Stars of Style

This year’s NBA All-Star weekend brought a plethora stars together in high volume. The energy of athletes, musicians and celebrities of all walks in the same place brought a force that was truly galactic. The style that radiated on the sidelines was a bright as the talents that granted their court side view. Even the … Read more


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