“More than a Collection”…

Historian Carter G. Woodson, wanted to establish a week where the history of the African Diaspora and struggle through Civil Rights would be remembered and celebrated. In 1926,  he was granted “Negro History Week”, not knowing that 50 years later Black History month would be declared February would be chosen for the  month of honoring. For 28 days, 29 if it’s a leap year, millions of Americans remember and pay tribute to not  only figures in Black History but all of those who fought to change the face of America. The purpose of this month is not to just remind African-Americans of their history but to make the history aware to all.  Many African-Americans find their own ways of paying tribute during the month but I think I have found one of the most inspirational displays of  African-American history that I’ve seen in a long time. Retired NBA superstar Chris Webber’s passion for history has opened up a portal to not just black history but American history. Chris Webber has collected hundreds of African-American historical artifacts and is displaying them at museums all over the country including the Charles H. Wright museum in his hometown of Detroit where it is currently on display until April 2012. Check it out! I left the museum inspired and honored to even grace this historical collection. For more information, check out the links below.

For all information on Chris Webber, His collection, and life After Basketball: Check out!!!!


Charles H. Wright Musuem Information:




Video Below: Chris Webber interview on Collection:

Chris Webber’s Artifacts Collection

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